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Beautiful branding, distinct design, & stellar service.

Hi, It’s GReat to meet you.

My name is Jake, and I love helping businesses—big or small—build a better brand, tell a better story, and engage a bigger audience.

My passion for design and creativity comes from the belief that you, me, everyone, and everything is created with a deep purpose. You’ll find incredible potential in communicating that purpose.

I’ve been working in digital media and design for seven years. I’m available for a few projects at a time alongside my full-time work, so I’d love to talk with you about your “next big thing.” Let’s chat.

I’d love to help you tell a better story for your project or company through digital design, web presence, video, or photo.





Your brand is your baby. I always take time to listen to your project ideas and direction, and then provide additional creative input. This usually starts with a free 30-45 minutes consultation in-person (local) or over video chat.



Having an idea is really only about 2% of the creative process. Creation is the part where the muscle meets the magic. After we meet, I’ll come up with some concepts, then get your input and insight before we move on to part three.



Elevation is the difference between a plain ol’ grilled cheese sandwich and croque-monsieur. Once we’ve thinned the herd of ideas and concepts, it’s time to take your project to the next level. We’ll discuss, refine, and finalize a final product that we’ll both be proud of.

What people have said…

LOGO / branding

“Jake is fun to work with and is one of the most creative designers I have ever worked with. He is an artist and really good at his craft.”

Colleen B.



“I can’t wait to work with you on other projects! Your editing, camera work and transitions are outstanding!  I am so excited to share this with the community and our employees!”

Reid S.


Logo / Branding

“Jake listens to the client needs and quickly responds with ideas and mock-ups. His turn around was incredibly fast.”

Brenda L.

What I bring to the table…

(in a handy table)

Web Design
Web Hosting
Biz Cards + collateral

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